Hear from Our People

Whether they’re tech specialists identifying inefficiencies or research analysts searching for patterns, all our employees have their own stories of what brought them here and what keeps them going. Listen to some of their stories to learn what it’s like to work at D. E. Shaw India.

Meet Swagat, Systems Engineer: “We do whatever it takes to get the job done best. And if we don’t have a tool for it in the market, we build it on our own.”

Meet Amit, Financial Research: “I believe D. E. Shaw’s investment research team is probably the most integrated in the industry.”

Meet Deepak, Systems Engineer: “D. E. Shaw shows a lot of confidence in its employees. All you need to do is believe in yourself.”

Meet Swapnil, Software Developer: “When I joined the firm, I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunities available and the freedom given to software developers.”

Meet Pushpak, Financial Operations: “Once you are at the firm, the type and extent of opportunities you get are unique and unparalleled.”

Meet Ashis, Software Developer: “Every new project at the firm is an opportunity to explore new technologies and to optimize the processes involved.”

Meet Jahnavi, Financial Operations: “My mentor always made sure that I understood how my work fit into the big picture.”

Meet Swapnil, Software Developer: “The Summer Internship Program gives us a chance to prototype interesting ideas.”

Meet Jahnavi, Financial Operations: “At D. E. Shaw India, you get to work with smart, kind, sharp, and caring people.”

Meet Mansi, Legal & Compliance: “We organize many Corporate Social Responsibility events within and outside the firm and employees actively contribute and participate.”

Meet Nidhi, Financial Research: “I admire the way everyone comes together and works on various projects and problem-solving.”

Meet Mansi, Legal & Compliance: “We truly believe in the value of hiring people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets.”

Meet Manisha, Human Capital: “There is always something new to learn around the corner. All that you have to do is just ask.”

Meet Amit, Financial Research: “My portfolio manager in New York was ready to invest time in training me. Looking back, I would’ve never imagined to have had such an enriching experience.”

Meet Deepak, Systems Engineer: “It is not every day that you have a eureka moment at work, but the DESIS Innovation Group makes this possible.”

Meet Sachin, Financial Research: “The firm has taken care of my training needs, put me in teams with smart people, and has promoted idea generation.”

Meet Nidhi, Financial Research: “My life here at D. E. Shaw, for more than 10 years, has been really amazing.”

Meet Manisha, Human Capital: “The firm has an active employee engagement team that organizes activities that are both intellectually stimulating and fun.”

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