D. E. Shaw India builds sophisticated technology to advance the group’s trading activities and business processes. Technology is at the core of our business and we take pride in the capabilities we have built over the past two decades to empower our investment management functions.

An entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of the D. E. Shaw group’s culture. When external platforms don’t meet our needs, we build our own. We created one of the first NoSQL databases in our industry, developed middleware that outperformed popular off-the-shelf products, created a service management platform for our private cloud, built a powerful data analysis library for Python before Pandas existed, developed superior infrastructure for building Python micro-services, and built a modern web engineering framework tailored to the group’s needs.

Our Technology team is divided into three groups based on their core functions.

Front Office Tech

  • The Front Office Tech group brings together some of the sharpest minds in technology to work on end-to-end solutions with their global counterparts, helping to solve complex financial and technological problems and directly impacting the group’s bottom line.

    The team builds comprehensive technology solutions for the D. E. Shaw group’s trading strategies. It works on financial data-feed infrastructure, high-performance middleware, interactive trading systems, portfolio management and workflow tools, and quantitative analysis.

    This group is divided into:

  • The Strategy Tech group operates at the intersection of deep domain expertise and technology, and every day its work powers decisions made by analysts, traders, and portfolio managers. Members of this team work closely with different business groups to understand the nuances of hedge fund trading and to deliver sophisticated solutions.

  • The Research & Development Tech group is involved in the research, design, development, and standardization of technologies for groupwide adoption. Members of this team work on cutting-edge technologies ranging from real-time trading systems and analytical engines to best-in-class workflow systems. They build the technological capabilities that implement scale and efficiency across our investment strategies, helping us stay ahead of the curve.

Quality and Test Engineering

  • The Quality and Test Engineering group works together with other technology groups at the firm to ensure overall product quality, including usability, performance, and stability. This team focuses on developing test strategy and design, engineering test automation, and building and maintaining test infrastructure. Members of this team work closely with business groups to understand their domain and to provide test engineering solutions.


  • The Systems group builds and maintains the technological infrastructure of the D. E. Shaw group. Members of this team design tools and self-service applications, manage the D. E. Shaw group’s state-of-the-art data centers, provide helpdesk support, and secure our technical environment. They manage a fast, complex, and secure server and network infrastructure for our trading platforms. The Systems group also maintains essential services such as email, directory services, instant messaging, and videoconferencing.


Open Source

As a technology development firm, we are an active user of open source software. We support the open source community by funding software initiatives, contributing ideas and features to existing projects, and releasing our own innovative tools.

Some of our notable open source contributions include:

Explore some of our other work on GitHub.