Our Work Approach

At D. E. Shaw India, we run on collaboration, not internal competition. Teams work together to share ideas, identify and address risks, build tools, and explore new opportunities. Our staff includes researchers, analysts, business-builders, and system architects relying on specialized operational expertise developed over more than 20 years.


Assets Under Management

As of September 1, 2021, the D. E. Shaw group had more than $60 billion in investment and committed capital. Our investment activities fall into two broad categories:



Our alternative investment capabilities date back to 1989 and consist of both larger, multi-strategy investment vehicles and more focused, strategy-specific investment products. These strategies focus on the delivery of absolute returns, with low targeted correlation to traditional assets like equities. Together, they account for more than $40 billion of the firm’s investment and committed capital.



Long-oriented strategies focusing on major, tradeable asset classes represent more than $20 billion of the firm’s investment capital. Launched in 2000, a suite of strategies allows institutional investors to customize their exposures to particular equity indices. A discretionary strategy launched in 2013 aims to offer exposure to several global asset classes, alongside other select alpha opportunities.