Community Impact

We are committed to giving back and engaging with our community through a variety of social initiatives.

We support employees’ interests in social causes through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club, a grassroots program run by our staff. The CSR Club promotes community engagement, sparks informed conversations, and fosters social consciousness through a variety of activities, including workshops, community visits, volunteering opportunities, and fundraisers.

We also amplify employees’ charitable giving with a program that matches financial contributions made to select non-profit organizations.

As a firm, D. E. Shaw India is involved in various philanthropic projects. We engage in a variety of medium and long-term partnerships with NGOs that are innovative, sustainable, and impactful. Among our philanthropic projects: we’ve encouraged social innovation by incubating an early stage non-profit startup, transformed five government schools for underprivileged children into centers of excellence, funded a multidisciplinary center for children with special needs, and enabled dropout students to complete their secondary education through a “Second Chance” center.