The D. E. Shaw group pursues attractive and sustainable risk-adjusted returns on the capital we invest for our clients. The firm invests globally using a broad array of strategies in both public and private markets. Widely recognized as a pioneer in quantitative investing, particularly in equities, futures, and options, the firm also has formidable expertise in areas that involve fundamental analysis or portfolio manager discretion, such as credit, energy, and macro investing. Regardless of the particular strategy, each investment decision is made in the context of a rigorous analytical approach that seeks to carefully identify and weigh potential risks and rewards.

Established in 1996, DESIS is an integral part of the D. E. Shaw group's work in investment management and technology development. Our work may be divided into two broad disciplines: Information Technology and Finance.

The technology groups build a variety of systems and support the software infrastructure needs of our firm while the finance groups work extensively with portfolio managers, traders, quantitative and qualitative analysts, accountants, auditors, operations personnel, and tax specialists to provide support for all our global investment activities.

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