DESIS OFFERS OPPORTUNITIES for individuals of all backgrounds who display evidence of outstanding ability and have a track record of exceptional accomplishment. Our employees come from varying disciplines, but share uncommon intelligence, analytical ability, and drive. As a globally prominent alternative investment manager, our firm offers world-class technology infrastructure and research capabilities, but we are still small and nimble enough to remain deeply entrepreneurial, always looking for new hires who bring fresh perspectives.

Our company prizes intellectual debate and integrity, creative idea generation, and the relentless pursuit of results. We recognize that different things help people thrive: some are more productive working in t-shirts or listening to music while others prefer flexible work hours to be most productive. We offer great benefits and perks, from game rooms and plentiful snacks to a guest lecture series; our primary focus is to sustain a stimulating, supportive, and fun work environment in which employees can do their best work.

New employees learn quickly by working closely with experienced mentors. We aim to give all our staff the opportunity to enjoy challenging work with a quick feedback loop, friendly colleagues, and benefits that focus on personal growth and wellness.